Lexus GX460 2022.

Lexus GX460 2022.

Lexus GX460 2022.

Lexus GX460 2022: a comfortable car with real off-road functionality.

Lexus GX460 2022, a new version of the full-size premium SUV is now available for test drive in Russian showrooms.

The new model has received a number of updates in body design, an expanded list of interior finishes, more advanced characteristics of functional electronics and safety systems.

Lexus of this series is the latest version of the second generation, perhaps that’s why the restyling left the layout of the five- or seven-seat interior, as well as the external body dimensions unchanged.


On posters and promotional photos, the 2022 Lexus GX460 looks most stylish and presentable in front projection. In the spotlight:

The hood decorated with longitudinal stepped reliefs;
massive chrome-plated perimeter of the X-shaped radiator grille combined with the lower air intake;
equipped with «boomerang» running lights compact blocks of LED or matrix headlights in the top version.

The set of triangular headlamps includes a set of directional indicators and small plafonds of fog lights.

Completes the layout of the front end small-sized body kit made of unpainted plastic.

The design of the facade uses the decorating properties of the company symbols and a variety of dynamic stepped reliefs.

Lexus GX460 2022.

More modest and at the same time attractive looks premium Japanese all-terrain vehicle in the side view.

The body contour with a flat roof, panoramic three-part glazing, square configuration of wheel arches and a small number of branded body reliefs, typical of the European range analogues, attracts attention.

Practicality and functionality prevail in the design of the SUV’s aft end. In the presence of:

harmonious proportions of the massive spoiler visor and the format of the rear panoramic glazing;
the relief contour of the license plate mounting area;
vertical tiered arrangement of parking and stop lamps;
set of fog lights and an array of wide bumper with protective-decorative plastic dodger.

Decorative functions are assigned to the chrome-plated logo and ribbed profiles of the rear body relief.

Even with its impressive dimensions and external massiveness, the SUV initially forms a positive visual perception.

Lexus GX460 2022.


Despite the premium status of the new version of the Lexus GX460 2022, the decoration of the five- or seven-seat interior lacks ostentatious luxury and the desire to show the goods face.

The quality of the range of finishing materials is impeccable, however, in the technical and electronic equipment lacks unnecessary, in the opinion of many motorists, comfort-forming options.

Absence of construction details in the upper sector of the multifunction steering wheel contributes to the full review of the large-format analog-digital dashboard.

The retro-styled central console is represented by:

a block of air deflectors;
8-inch diagonal media-command display;
remote control with mechanical activators of component systems and units.

In the basic configuration of the tunnel: the switch of transmission modes, a set of command buttons and sensors, creating comfort organizers and combined with a double-sliding armrest roomy volume of built-in refrigerator.

Seating service of the first and second seats, as well as in the cabin with seven-seat layout of the additional third row is significantly different.

Lexus GX460 2022.

Pilot seats demonstrate ergonomic profiles with side support, seat climate control systems and an expanded list of operational adjustments.

The less comfortable second-row seats are equipped with headrests and adjustable backrest tilt.

The peculiarity of the design of the rear sofa in the five-seat cabin is the possibility of its transformation to increase the volume of 621-liter trunk up to 1934 liters.

The capacity of the luggage compartment of the SUV with a seven-seat layout is symbolic, only 147 liters.

Technical Specifications

The new body with external dimensions in the ratio of 4880 x 1885 and 1885 mm is copied from the previous model without significant adjustments.

Also remained at the original values of 2790 mm length of the interaxle base and height 215-millimeter ground clearance.

Lexus GX460 2022.

The advantages of all-wheel drive chassis include independent multilever suspension with air-hydraulic shock absorbers, two stabilizers, disc brake circuit and active safety systems.

The power unit includes a 4.6-liter gasoline eight with an output of 296 hp/438 N-m of peak thrust and a non-alternative 6-band automatic transmission.

In such a combination, an SUV weighing 2,400 kg can change the second hundred kilometers in 8.3 seconds and dynamically accelerates to a speed of 175 km/h consuming on average 12.8 liters of high-octane gasoline.

Overrun of fuel is a consequence of constantly included all-wheel drive, created on the basis of inter-axle planetary mechanism of Torsen series.

Options and prices

In the new interpretation for the market of the European Union, Lexus GX460 2022 will be available in four main modifications.

The model’s price in basic version begins from ruble equivalent of 5.6 million, the cost of the most expensive top configuration is 400 thousand higher.


The new Lexus GX460 2022 model year is significantly inferior to the listed models in terms of comfort level and some operational parameters.

According to independent experts, for the status of direct competitors justifiably claim the same-type analogues of other companies class Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Discovery, Chevrolet Tahoe or BMW X5.

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