Mercedes S-Class 2021.

Mercedes S-Class 2021....

 Mercedes S-Class 2021.

The new Mercedes S-Class 2021 in the back of W223.
The Mercedes S-class is an impeccable premium sedan, a model for many competitors and the dream of every fan of technology with a three-beam star on the hood.

This model has maintained this status for many decades, and its new iteration of the Mercedes S Class 2021 model year, which will receive a new body with the W223 index, will have to maintain a reputation as a flagship not only in the wide Mercedes lineup, but also in its class.

The second half of 2019 was extremely unprofitable for the German company Mercedes-Benz, and among the reasons for obtaining an operating loss of 1.6 billion euros were not only diesel gates and problems with Takata airbags, which led to numerous car reviews, but also large manufacturer’s expenses related to the development and release of new models.

No joke, but in the next 2 years, the German group plans to introduce six new products at once, and the first of them will be the new representative Mercedes S-class 2021 model year, which will debut next spring.

Mercedes S-Class 2021....

The first spy photos of the sedan in camouflage appeared widely available this summer, and one of the surprises for observers was the presence on the new S-class body of a huge number of sensors.

Experts instantly suggested that the new product will receive a lot of new electronic assistants and in terms of equipment will try to keep up with the Tesla Model S.

Mercedes S-Class 2021....


Analysis of the available spy photos of the new Mercedes S-class 2021 model year revealed that the sedan will receive an increased wheelbase.
It is too early to speak about the exact dimensions of the new body, but if they remain unchanged, then the length compensation of the car will definitely happen due to the front end.

Test Mercedes Ss are reliably wrapped in camouflage film that does not provide almost any information about external changes, but according to the “testimonies” of insiders, the W223 version will be characterized by a classic front design with an enlarged radiator grill and small headlights with an extremely uncomplicated LED pattern.

The main surprises should be presented with feed, where, most likely, triangular headlights connected by a wide chrome strip will appear.

In the lower part of the rear bumper will be installed large tailpipes of the exhaust system, also connected by a chrome molding. Finally, the most interesting detail of the sidewalls of the body are the handles, which the manufacturer carefully covers with thick pads. Perhaps it seems retractable or even touch-sensitive door controls.

Mercedes S-Class 2021....


Photo spies managed to capture some details of the interior of the future Mercedes S-class 2021, thanks to which there are reasons to think that German engineers plan to set a record in terms of the size of the central screen of the infotainment system.

This touchscreen tablet, located at a large angle to the driver, is really huge and visually can give odds to the largest tablet computer iPad Pro 12.9.

The same upward trend seems to have been taken by the Mercedes S class 2021 digital dashboard, which can get a few touch buttons in its upper part.

Mercedes S-Class 2021....

Technical stuffing

Mercedes S-class 2021 model year will be “sharpened” for hybrid engines, and the manufacturer has already announced two such installations.

They will be based on the familiar 3.0-liter and 2.9-liter gasoline units, and the chassis will receive a new 4Matic all-wheel drive system with fully variable torque distributed between the axles, as well as an active suspension that will work together with 48 -volt system and stereo camera scanning the road.

There will also be a version of the PHEV with autonomous electric mileage of 160 km.
Finally, together with the Mercedes S-Class 2021, they promise to introduce the all-electric EQ S sedan, which will be built on the completely new MEA platform.


Of course, the new generation of the luxury executive sedan Mercedes S-Class 2021 will be more expensive than the previous one, but this is unlikely to greatly upset the potential audience of the legendary model. In the meantime, in Russia they are asking for 7.1 million rubles for the cheapest Mercedes S-class of the current generation (S 450, 367 hp).

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