Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022: a status road conqueror with a tough exterior.

Mercedes regularly updates its iconic models.

This time Germans decided to present at the automotive forum in Detroit status and stylish Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

The changes in appearance of the new model are not so significant, but the interior and underhood characteristics have been significantly improved.

Manufacturers do not unreasonably expect to maintain the volume of SUV sales, despite the solid cost and design «for the amateur»: fans of the brand still appreciate the reliability, status and perceptible at the mere sight of a car brutality.


Bright, though not unquestionable, judging by photos, appearance of novelty, certainly, will separate it from the stream.

The combination of angular body panels, muscular dodgers and branded optics create a feeling of reliability, and slightly updated topography and glazing add freshness to the appearance.

The restyling manifests itself quite noticeably in the front end of the car. It is distinguished by square shapes, large dimensions and is set quite high.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

The windshield in a strict frame, located under a slight slope, passes into a straight hood, around which there are triangular top of the wings with turn signals.

The lid itself has almost no slope and features a raised center section.

Immediately below it a slightly redesigned and slightly grown up grille in the corporate style with a large brand symbol in the middle, and on the sides of it — stylish round headlights with daytime running lights and high-quality LED stuffing.

The Mercedes G-Class 2022 body kit radiates power, with rounded edges, masculine relief transitions and a large center section with a license plate area and air intake slots, fog lights, and a massive protection underneath.

The side projection of the new body looks angular, but stylish. The massive roof is emphasized by stampings all around the perimeter and below there are huge windows of regular shape, built directly into the planes of the body panels.

The relief here is predominantly ribbed, emphasized by three horizontal edges running through the wings and doors along its entire length. Below the relief turns into trapezoidal expansions of wheel arches and chrome non-retractable step.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Small rounded mirrors, powerful door handles and simple, but interesting alloy wheels complete the look.

The stern of the vehicle is practically steep, where a line of stoplights is located over a small square window, and just under it — plastic spare part cover.

The luggage compartment door will open on the left side, and small LED parking lights will be located near its bottom edge. As for the bodykit, it is relatively small, but visually powerful, because it acts as a step for access to the cabin.

On it you can find fog strips, a platform for the license plate, as well as a reinforced metal plate with off-road devices.


The interior of the new Mercedes Gelendwagen 2022 model year has undergone significant changes compared to its predecessor.

Trim materials: thin, but durable leather, wood and metal inserts — have become even more qualitative, in addition, the multimedia system and seats have been redesigned. In general, the design of the new items became more modern and interesting.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Controls and controls

The driver on landing is met with a plump three-spoke steering wheel with thickenings in the grip areas, with leather upholstery and an abundance of auxiliary buttons on the sides.

Immediately behind it is combined with the command and entertainment center of the digital instrument panel with a diagonal of 12.3.

Just below, surrounded by round stylish deflectors, is the climate system adjustment unit, as well as several physical buttons.

Wide and ample central tunnel consists of a technical panel with an unusual gear selector at the head, organizer and a swing armrest with cooling compartment inside.

Seating and luggage compartment

The car contains five seats, with each getting chic leather trim, padded padding, and a host of optional extras, including electric adjustments for the front row, advanced side support, and heating.

Rear passengers will be able to take advantage of autonomous climate control, as well as a slightly reclined backrest.

The main advantage of the car is that, as the test-drive showed, there is enough space for each passenger of any build.

Even in extended versions the heating and ventilation of seats will be available to rear passengers.

As for the volume of luggage compartment, it varies from 500 to 2250 liters.

Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022.

Technical specifications

Judging by insider information, under the hood of the Mercedes G-Class (Gelandewagen) 2022 will no longer be diesel power units.

The petrol engine lineup will be presented by the only turbocharged 4-liter power-unit with 422 or 585 — in the forced version — forces.

Four-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic will allow accelerating the car quickly and cope with the majority of road and off-road situations.

True, the average fuel consumption will be from 11.3 to 13 liters per «hundredth», which is a serious indicator.

Options and prices

The starting price of the novelty will be about 13.5 million rubles. All additional options are estimated at another 1.7 million units of Russian currency.

Start of sales in Russia

With the exact date of release in Russia of the car is not yet all clear, but since the company is already accepting pre-orders, this event can be attributed to the end of 2021.

Competing models

The stylish SUV has quite a few competitors, including the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Nissan Patrol, Volvo XC90, as well as the Land Rover Discovery.

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