Moskvich MSK 2025.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

A brand new cross-country vehicle «Moskvich» MSK 2025 with the features of expensive Tucson has been presented.

Previously, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin said that production at the plant «Moskvich» will be launched in December this year.

It is assumed that at first cars will be assembled there from car sets supplied by foreign companies, probably Chinese ones.

However, in the future they should arrange the production of their own models. One of them could be the crossover Moskvich MSK 2025, which the designer of the automobile portal showed on his renders.

It is supposed to be a full-fledged electric car, but it is also not Moskvich’s own development.

It is likely that the new MSK will be based on the platform of one of the Chinese automakers, and its assembly may become as localized as possible at the Moscow plant.

In order to reduce the cost of the model, the manufacturer will have to install its own accumulator units.

It is known that projects are currently in the works to build plants near Lipetsk and Kaliningrad, where Russian batteries will be produced.

However, their energy capacity specifically for the Moskvich MSK 2025 is unknown. Although it can be assumed that this indicator will exceed 50 kWh, which will provide the model with a range of more than 400 km without recharging.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

According to preliminary data, the overall dimensions of the Russian model will be 4400/185/1570 mm, that is length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase length of 2800 mm.

Despite the fact that the car body is about the same as the Hyundai Creta, due to the electric powertrain the interior space will be comparable to the Hyundai Tucson.

It should be noted that to date there is no information about the creation of an enterprise in Russia, which could produce electric motors.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

This indirectly indicates that the new crossover will be equipped with foreign units.

It is possible that in this case the JAC company will be involved. In the range of this brand there is a small electric motor with output of 116 hp and 270 N*m of torque.

Irrespective of what decision will accept «Moskvich», serial version of MSK electric crossover will differ from the presented concept.

First of all, the car will be equipped with standard exterior mirrors instead of rear-view cameras.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

There could be some modifications in the configuration of the front and rear parts of the body. But the overall stylistics should be the same, as it implies the use of virtually flat panels, reducing the cost of production.

The list of options that will be available with the new Moskvich MSK 2025 is not yet known.

However, we can already assume that the electric crossover will be equipped with blind spot monitoring, all-around vision, lane-keeping and frontal collision warning systems.

Moskvich MSK 2025.

These options are now standard for most produced electric cars. And by the middle of the decade they will appear on all electric cars, including the cheapest ones.

At the same time, all the systems intended for the new MSK Moskvich will be Russian-made.

Otherwise, the Moscow Automobile Plant will not be able to localize the production up to 80%.

It should be reminded that this is the aim which the government of the country sets for the car industry.

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