Renault Arkana 2021.

Renault Arkana 2021.

Renault Arkana 2021.

Renault Arkana 2021: the new leader in the Russian market.
This new crossover from Renault has only recently appeared on the market, but a little restyling is already being prepared for it in order to correct some weak points.

The appearance of the car will practically not change, but some changes can be found inside. The new model will be able to boast of a more comfortable and high-quality interior, where you can see good finishing materials, an advanced multimedia complex, and very comfortable seats.

The performance of the 2021 Renault Arkana will also improve slightly, but not in terms of dynamics. The car will receive more reliable and less voracious power plants.


The obvious fact for everyone is that the main advantage of the car is its appearance.

The new body looks very stylish and modern, as it includes a lot of original parts that are not on other representatives of the brand.

Renault Arkana 2021.

In the photo you can find an abundance of relief, a lot of parts painted in chrome, stylish air intake systems, formidable optics, protective elements made of unpainted plastic, which in this case only make the look more solid, as well as other solutions that make the car so attractive.

The brightest part of the car is the front. The muzzle is set at a great height and also has a decent length. To ensure that the driver of any height always had good visibility, the front part was placed at an angle, and they also gave it a rounding, starting from the middle.

There are also enough decorations here. The hood lid boasts a huge number of height transitions, which are represented by narrow stripes running along. Just behind the hood is the main bumper section.

There is a small, almost trapezoidal air intake, which is framed by a chrome line, and also contains a large Reno brand badge, also made in chrome, and a mesh, represented by several horizontal stripes painted in black.

On the sides of the grille, there is a formidable head optics, which is filled with xenon or LED lights, depending on the vehicle configuration.

Also, optics can also boast of small processes that play the role of turning signals. The remaining space on the main part of the bumper is reserved for the relief.

The body kit also takes up a lot of space here. It starts from the area under the license plate.

Renault Arkana 2021.

Most of the space here is allocated for the air intake, which takes the shape of a trapezoid and contains the same mesh as the main grille. On the sides of it are recesses filled with plastic inserts and small round-shaped fog signals.

The design of the body kit is completed with protective elements that are made of metal and plastic, which has no color.

The car looks very solid on the sides. Here it will be decorated with a large number of undulating transitions in height, which are evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the body.

Everything starts here with a massive figure, into which the windows are collected. A very thin line painted in gloss black is used to frame them. Also painted are the pillars of the body, which serve to divide the windows into parts.

An additional decoration here can be called a thin chrome eyeliner. There are also neat rear-view mirrors at the top, which take on a triangular shape and are complemented by turn signal repeaters.

As mentioned earlier, the bulk of the profile includes a bunch of undulating relief. In addition to it, you can see black decorative inserts just below the mirrors, as well as plastic linings on the sills and wheel arches.

The car looks great from behind. This part has a coupe-like shape and starts with a strongly sloping roof that has a luggage compartment window. Next comes the trunk, located at a high height and having a short length.

Renault Arkana 2021.

The door here boasts such elements as a ledge at the end, which plays both a decorative and a useful role, chrome nameplates, wave-like transitions in height, marker signals of an unusual shape, connected by a thin strip of stop lights, and other details.

There is a lot of space for the body kit, which has fog signals, a license plate, a plastic-metal diffuser and an exhaust system, represented by one or two pipes.


For its value, the new 2021 Renault Arcana is perfectly executed inside. The car will be finished with materials such as fabrics, plastic, metals and genuine leather. There is also advanced multimedia, thanks to which any trip for all passengers will bring only positive emotions.

The center console of the crossover contains nothing superfluous. It is also slightly turned towards the driver. On it you can see neat vents, a touchscreen monitor of the multimedia system, as well as a shield with analog buttons and washers that allow you to adjust the operation of climate options.

The connection of the tunnel to the dashboard is carried out using a recess in which there are sockets for accessories. The tunnel itself is made compact.

It only includes a technical panel, cup holders and an armrest with a refrigerator compartment inside.

All five seats of the car have a high level of comfort, as they are finished with natural leather or fabrics, equipped with heating, position adjustments, head restraints, side support and other options.

Renault Arkana 2021.


Renault Arkana 2021 is equipped with petrol engines only. The base will be a 1.6-liter unit with a capacity of 114 forces.

It works in tandem with a variator or mechanics, which can transmit forces either to the front axle or to both.

The second unit is already 1.3-liter, but produces 150 power forces. It always comes paired with a variator. Drive selection is also present here.

A test drive of the car showed that it performs well on any road.

Options and prices

The price of Renault Arcana 2021 ranges from 1 to 1.5 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The release date in Russia is the second quarter of 2020.


The car is still a competitor for the Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Creta models.

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