Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

Volkswagen introduced the ID.5 Xcite: it is a sporty version of the crossover that was developed by the brand’s students.

The German company Volkswagen likes to produce unique models. Previously, all cars were based on the Golf R or GTI.

However, the latest project was evolutionary because it is based on the all-electric ID.5 crossover.

The car was given sporty features because it has a connection to the GTX, which has almost 300 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

The new project is called the Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

This model is closely related to the ID.Xtreme, which was introduced last week.

It’s also worth remembering that the brand showed the ID.X in 2021. This is a sporty version of the ID.3, which we will see in the near future.

As for the Xcite, 14 people worked on it. They created a unique paint with a matte and glossy finish.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

Such technology has been borrowed from Lamborghini. The sports crossover rides on 22-inch powder-coated forged wheels.

In addition, the car has received other side wings, wider door sills and updated steering wheel.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

The crossover’s ground clearance has been reduced, and the Volkswagen badges have been darkened to complement the other dark trim elements.

The interior trim consists of a combination of alcantara and vegan leather. There’s also a top-of-the-line sound system with 10 amps.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

The electric car comes with an electric scooter. It can be taken out of the trunk and used to get to where you want.

The German company unveiled the ID.5 Xcite at a special event in Switzerland.

It was first held last year when we were shown the ID.3. Every year, the German company’s apprentices do work on upgrading this car, so we’ll see new designs all the time.

At the ID. Meet in Locarno, Switzerland, Volkswagen showed not only the ID.Xtreme SUV, but also the ID.5 GTX Xcite electric car, created by a team of 14 trainees from three Volkswagen plants — Zwickau, Dresden and Chemnitz.

Volkswagen ID.5 Xcite 2022.

The trainees took the standard ID.5 GTX with its 82 kilowatt-hour battery and gave it more personality.

The car changed the shape of the wheel arches, widened the sills and adapted the front and rear fenders.

The body was painted in a combination of matte and gloss paint from the Lamborghini and Volkswagen palettes. The standard wheels were replaced with the original 22-inch forged aluminum wheels with powder coating.

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