BMW X6 2020.

BMW X6 2020.

BMW X6 2020.

BMW X6 2020: high-quality and prestigious German SUV.
Today, Bavarian automakers are ready to offer customers reliable and very comfortable crossovers, which are very close in their characteristics to off-road cars. However, the concern is well aware of the need to constantly improve their cars. In order not to lag behind, at least, from competitors from the German «big three». That is exactly how the BMW X6 2020 appeared — a stylish, modern and very formidable crossover with an improved interior, futuristic exterior data and a refined technical part.


At one glance at the new body, you can understand that in front of the buyer is a status, very stylish car, which perfectly recognizes the features of the brand. At the same time, the car became more athletic and received an additional relief, air intake systems and slightly refreshed optics.

At first glance at the photo of the car, you can understand that the muzzle is still not so high, but the length and width add solidity to it. A strongly tilted windshield does not seem large, but it goes into just a huge, slightly tilted hood cover, generously spiced with barely noticeable relief transitions. Right in front of it in the center are huge branded “nostrils” of a chrome trim radiator grille, on the edges of which there is a cleverly squinted head optics with high-quality xenon and LED filling.

BMW X6 2020

The BMW X6 2020 body kit came out very textured, and the relief and air intake slots on it are emphasized with a chrome finish. Round large foglights in the same chrome border are located quite high, and therefore perfectly illuminate the road in conditions of poor visibility.

Restyling went noticeably along the profile of the model. An elegant, teardrop-shaped line of windows, a muscular relief located just below, and wide wheel arches are striking here. Sportiness is added to the aerodynamic slots in the area of ​​the front wings. Alloy wheels, which can have a diameter of 18 to 20 inches, look pretty pretty. A sloping roof and minimal rear overhang give the image a dynamic look.

At the rear, the new model looks even more round than before. The “fin” typical of older BMW generations is missing here, as is the spoiler on the trunk lid. But the stop lights with a LED pattern look much brighter, despite the fact that there is relatively little relief on the fifth door of the relief. Added texture to the rear bumper, the metal insert on which not only grew, but also changed its shape. It is impossible not to note here the completion of the exhaust: it is designed in the form of two trapezoidal cutouts divorced on opposite sides of the body.

BMW X6 2020..


Bavarian cars of the X series have been famous for their solid and comfortable interiors since its inception. Of course, the interior of the new BMW X6 2020 model year will comply with these traditions. For its decoration, only the best materials are used: fabrics, leather, soft plastic and wood and metal inserts. The multimedia system, which was good before, received additional interesting features.

Front design

The center console looks quite massive and contains an abundance of elements in which an inexperienced driver can easily get confused. The dashboard begins with a multimedia touch screen, then comes a series of deflectors and buttons, and even lower — a few blocks of washers, joysticks and buttons for fine-tuning the climate control and some driving characteristics.

The tunnel turned out to be big and brutal. In addition to the block of technical elements located around the gearbox selector, there are several pockets for things, as well as a huge armrest that hides a compartment with a function for cooling the contents.

The steering wheel has been updated the most. Now it is a three-spoke steering wheel with a comfortable grip and a bunch of buttons. The instrument panel with tachometer and speedometer sensors, as well as a small on-board computer has changed less, but it, as before, is informative and elegant.

BMW X6 2020.

Seats and luggage

The car received five seats, each of which will get off with good skin and contain soft filler. The first row consists of two chairs with decent lateral support, electric adjustment, heating, as well as massage or ventilation — in top trim levels.

Behind the passengers will be met by a separate sofa, on which there is a place for three adults. Its position can also be adjusted, and additional blowing nozzles allow you to comfortably overcome even a long journey.
As for the trunk, its volume will not change, but a separate back will facilitate its transformation for the transport of long objects.


For the BMW X6 2020, manufacturers have prepared a fairly large set of powertrains. A three-liter gasoline engine will be installed in the database, capable of developing 306 forces.

His older brother will go a 4.4-liter engine with a capacity of 450 «horses». Both options will receive all-wheel drive and a full eight-band “automatic”.

Characteristics of diesel engines are a bit more modest. The device will always have a volume of 3 liters, but the power will differ — from 249 to 381 forces. The box and drive are the same as for gasoline units.

A test drive of the car showed that it will accelerate well and overcome various traffic situations with honor, however, one can’t even dream of saving fuel.

Options and prices

The initial price for the BMW X6 will start at 4.95 million rubles. The most expensive versions will be 1.3-1.4 million more expensive than our currency.

Start of sales in Russia

There are only a few days left before the release date in Russia, at least car dealers have taken pre-orders for a car since the beginning of summer 2019 and recorded car enthusiasts for a test drive.

BMW X6 2020.

Competing Models

Among the closest competitors of the car are Mercedes GLE, Audi Q8, as well as the Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

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