BYD Qin 2023.

BYD Qin 2023.

BYD Qin 2023.

BYD Qin 2023 second generation looks very attractive.

The focus of the exterior design is its sleek and dynamic front end.

The radiator grille, with its bold contours and chrome accents, is a testament to modern sophistication.

LED headlights and daytime running lights frame the grille, and their sharp lines add aggressiveness and elegance.

When the eye traverses the profile of the car, there are striking contours and body lines that evoke a sense of movement even when the car is stationary.

The curved body shape is streamlined, giving the BYD Qin a sporty look.

Stepping into the driver’s seat of the second generation Qin, you are instantly transported to a world of comfort and innovation.

In addition to the elegant appearance, the interior of this wonderful car beckons with luxury and advanced technology.

The interior is enveloping in space, creating an oasis of comfort for both the driver and passengers.

BYD Qin 2023.

Ample legroom and headroom ensure long journeys are effortless, while thoughtful seats provide support to keep you going through every turn.

BID Queen 2023 is currently available in five trim levels and is offered at prices ranging from 137 to 200 thousand yuan (1.7 to 2.5 million rubles).

Technical specifications

BYD Qin 2023 offers a wide range of engines, each designed to provide a unique driving experience.

BYD Qin 2023.

With options ranging from economical to high performance, there is a powertrain to suit every taste.

The basic version is offered with a naturally aspirated 109-horsepower engine. There is also a turbocharged unit that develops 154 “horses”.

In addition, there is a «battery» installation for 163 hp. A robotic gearbox or a gearbox can be used as a transmission.

The drive is exclusively front. The electric version can travel 400 kilometers on a single charge.

The fuel consumption of gasoline variations is not exactly known. From standstill to the first hundred, the car accelerates in 5.9 seconds.

BYD Qin 2023.

The dimensions of BYD Qin (length, width and height) are quite large — 4675x1770x1500 mm.

In addition, the wheelbase, which refers to the distance between the front and rear axles, affects stability and interior space, and the car is also quite large — 2.8 meters.

The balanced ground clearance creates a balance between comfort and off-road performance, ensuring a smooth ride on various surfaces.

BYD Qin 2023.

Practicality is key for any car owner, and the BYD Qin’s trunk space fills that need.

The boot capacity of more than 400 liters reflects its ability to accommodate luggage, groceries and everyday items.


In terms of technical characteristics, equipment, dimensions and level of equipment, this car can be compared with such cars as:

Tesla Model 3;
Xpeng P7;
GAC Aion S;
Toyota Corolla Hybrid.


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