Honda Fit 2023.

Honda Fit 2023.

Honda Fit 2023.

The updated Honda Fit 2023 was announced before the fall presentation. The popular compact will get crossover and sport versions.

Today, August 5, Honda on its official website has published information and showed photos of the updated compact Honda Fit 2023 model year.

It is reported that the official presentation of the model will take place next fall.

The current generation Honda Fit debuted in February 2020 and now, two years later, the manufacturer has decided to present its restyling.

It is reported that Fit will be offered in five configurations, one of which is Crosstar, made with features typical of crossovers.

The manufacturer has also added the RS version to the range, positioned as a sports car.

Although the only changes from the sports here are external. In particular, the model is equipped with a modified grille, bumpers, added a spoiler on the rear, etc.

Honda Fit 2023.

It looks spectacular and unusual. Also this version has added a driving mode «Sport», although it does not add a special dynamics. By the way, with the advent of the RS version the Ness package has disappeared.

This update, according to the manufacturer, increased power and improved accelerator pedal response of hybrid models with the «e:HEV» installation.

Honda Fit 2023.

However, power and dynamics figures have not yet been officially disclosed. In addition, the manufacturer has updated the «Honda Sensing» safety package to the latest version.

Regular versions of the Honda Fit have changed only externally. In particular, the bumpers and grille have been modified, its internal pattern changes depending on the trim level.

The Crosstar version looks the most rugged. It has plastic protection for the lower part of the body, its two-tone paint, roof rails and darkened door handles.

Honda Fit 2023.

This is all the known information about the updated version of the Honda Fit. More information will appear soon.

Japanese brand officially announced that soon will start selling more powerful version of the compact hatchback Honda Fit.

Novelty 2023 model year will receive designation Fit RS and more powerful engine.

Honda Fit 2023.

Importantly, the RS will be available exclusively with front-wheel drive, while other packages, including the Crosstar, are offered in the Land of the Rising Sun with all-wheel drive.

The performance-oriented Fit will get a slightly sportier look and yellow stitching inside the interior.

As with all other trims, the Honda Sensing suite of safety technologies will be standard.

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