Honda Integra 2022.

Honda Integra 2022.

Honda Integra 2022.

A new Honda sedan designed for the Chinese market has been revealed.

The model is a redesigned Civic of the last generation, and the original «four-door» will also be in the Celestial Empire.

In August the American division of Acura announced a new model with a revived name Integra: it is declared that the compact premium-class will hit the market next year.

Now it turned out that the car with such name will be in the range of the parent Honda, and it is already ready.

Only this model has only indirect relation to the future Acura: under the name Integra in China there will be a four-door Civic of eleventh generation with another design, photos of cars were added to the database of the local Ministry of Industry.

Thus there will be a global sedan there too — it will start on September 24.

The matter is that a joint venture of Honda and GAC is responsible for production of Integra, whereas production of «world» Civic is established at Dongfeng Honda plant.

Honda Integra 2022.

By the way, the two joint venture already have several twin models (for example, crossovers CR-V and Breeze, UR-V and Avancier), but curiously enough, the previous Civic sedan in the PRC had no clone.

From the original «four-door» new Honda Integra different headlights and bumpers, also replaced the radiator grille — there is no longer «beak» hanging over it.

Honda Integra 2022.

And also with the removal of the massive lower sections of the lamps from the trunk lid. Overall GAC Honda sedan looks more aggressive than donor model.

Length of Integra is 4689 mm, which is 15 mm more than Chinese «eleven» Civic. The other dimensions are the same: width — 1802 mm, height — 1415 mm, wheelbase — 2735 mm.

Separate photos of Honda Integra interior are not available, but available «fragments» show that the architecture of the front panel is the same as that of the Civic — with a towering touchscreen multimedia system.

Honda Integra 2022.

The engine in the documents of the certifying body is the same — petrol «turbo four» 1.5 engine rated at 182 hp The same engine is used in Chinese new Honda Civic, in addition the latter is also equipped with «atmospheric» 1.5 engine, making 129 hp.

It is possible that the Integra will be offered with two engines to choose from.

Honda Integra 2022.

On the Chinese market with a revived Honda sedan name is likely to be released at the end of this year. In other countries, this Integra is unlikely to appear.

As for Russia, we basically have no chance of new Honda cars: from the next year the company will fold up this area of business in our market.

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