Honda Jazz 2020.

Honda Jazz 2020

Honda Jazz 2020.

2020 Honda Fit or Honda Jazz — premiere of the 4th generation hybrid hatchback.
The compact hatchback Honda Fit has already gone through the 4th update, which was presented at the Tokyo Auto Show in October. By the way, many European fans of the brand know the car under the name Jazz. The novelty received a new hybrid setup, the same versatile interior, a big update on electronic assistants and a more minimalistic body design.

By the way, in Russia, Fit 4 generations, like previous models, will not be sold, and only a hybrid version will arrive in Europe.

Honda Jazz 2020


Since the gasoline options are nothing interesting, let’s go straight to the hybrid installation. Like the closest competitors in the person of Toyota, the guys from Honda understand the full potential of electric transport and are already working hard in this direction.

The echo of this work was the new Jazz platform. The main difference between the new items is that it can move exclusively on electric traction, while with the same speed range, without speed limits, as in most hybrids. As is the case with the latest hybrids from Toyota, the

Honda Fit has a combination of internal combustion engines and a generator.
That is, the electric motor is responsible for the rotation of the wheels, and the internal combustion engine is essentially one of the elements of the charge maintenance chain. True, at high speeds, it still participates in the rotation of the wheels, but in the flow mode, the electric motor will mainly work. In total, hybrid owners will be able to count on 132 hp.

Honda Jazz 2020

On the Jazz units themselves, information is scarce, but still. The electric motor will be represented by a 22 kW unit. The bundle will be a 1.5-liter petrol engine. A 7-speed robot is responsible for control. Lithium-ion batteries. The capacity was not announced.

The rest of the trim levels will be installed:

1.2-liter gasoline with 90 hp (only for Europe),
1.3-liter petrol with 100 hp,
1.5-liter 132 hp
diesel version of 1.6 liters.

These trim levels will come with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic to choose from.
The compact hatchback will be the first car in the range to integrate remote control from a smartphone. It is strange that the Japanese with this item are slightly late from their competitors.

Honda Jazz 2020


For the entire existence of the model, the body design has changed slightly. 4th generation is no exception. Honda’s designers have made do with minimal standard changes, such as new body kits, optics pattern, color scheme and grille shape.

As mentioned, the emphasis was on minimalism, so now Fit is not cluttered with a lot of excess plastic.
A hybrid can only be distinguished by a shield on a false grid. The rest of the cars are no different. In front of the shy guy there will be LED convex optics, with an inverted C-shaped pattern.

Honda Jazz 2020

The bumper architecture on the sides echoes this pattern with chrome moldings, adding harmony and simplicity to the design. A plastic shield on the radiator grille flush with the bonnet adds a touch of flavor.

On the side, there is a purposeful shape and a modified stamped rib on the doors and rear wing. Added a shark fin on top.

At the back, everything is simple and in the best traditions of compact cheap hatchbacks — large but modest headlights, a fifth door to the entire stern and an uncomplicated bumper. The choice of wheels will be significant, both in size and design. While we know about the offer from 13 to 16-inch drives.

In terms of dimensions, the situation has not changed dramatically.

Honda Jazz 2020


The salon has also not been without changes. The hybrid will receive two-tone leather upholstery, a new minimalist torpedo architecture with a 10-inch multimedia screen, a virtual dashboard, and a contactless charging pad will appear on the central tunnel.

The multifunction steering wheel, front seats and rear sofa have also been revised. The latter became exclusively two-seater, given the width of the car, this is justified.
Now there is a wide armrest for passengers. The driver and front passenger received wide comfortable seats with wide holding fields.


In terms of competition, the niche Jazz has almost no analogues. Moreover, it is not for sale in Russia.
In the Old World, only updated hatchbacks from Toyota — Prius, Auris, Yaris, Suzuki Swift and Nissan Pulsar will be able to spoil sales.

Price and start date

Honda is planning to launch sales in the home market in February 2020. By the way, in Japan, a compact and versatile hatchback is very popular. In Europe, the Fit hybrid configuration will appear a little later, somewhere in the middle of the year.
Jazz left our market 6 years ago and has no plans to return yet. No information was given on the price tag.

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