Lada Iskra 2024.

Lada Iskra 2024.

Lada Iskra 2024.

Lada Iskra 2024: all the details about the new family (successor to Lada Granta or “Granta XJO”).

In 2024, AvtoVAZ will release a new family of cars — Lada Iskra. Which was previously called “Lada Granta of the second generation” or “Granta XJO”.

Let us remind you that the Lada Spark 2024 is being developed on the French CMF-B platform, the same as the new Renault Logan. Interestingly, the “new Granta” remained alive even after Renault left the Russian market in 2022.

On the other hand, the XJO project was in its final stages, and preparations for production were already underway. But apparently, AvtoVAZ is now actively looking for replacements for many components.

It is assumed that the new Lada Iskra 2024 will be available in the body of a classic sedan, station wagon and cross-station wagon.

Now AvtoVAZ is actively conducting testing, which is confirmed by multiple photos of cars in camouflage film. Also in 2023, photos of the interior of the new model appeared in the media.

According to preliminary data, immediately at the start of sales the new product will be available with an automatic transmission (variator).

Lada Iskra 2024.

AvtoVAZ is looking for a replacement for the Japanese Jatco CVT, which was installed on Ladas until 2022; most likely it will be a Chinese analogue.

By the way, the updated Lada Vesta NG will be available in a two-pedal version at the beginning of 2024.

It can be assumed that under the hood of the new family there will be VAZ classic units: 8-cl 1.6 (90 hp), 16-cl (106 hp) and 1.8 (122 hp) (according to rumors, the problem with “oil-guzzler”). The engines will be paired with a manual transmission or CVT.

Lada Iskra 2024.

Frequently asked questions about the new family:
When will the new Lada Iskra be released? The premiere is expected to take place in 2024, and sales of commercial vehicles in early 2025

What are the dimensions? Iskra will take place in the model range between Lada Vesta and Lada Granta.

What will happen to the current Grant? Lada Granta will remain on the production line until 2027 and will be produced in parallel with the new model.

By the way, Granta ranks first in sales on the Russian market among all cars. Obviously, it is not profitable for AvtoVAZ to discontinue production of it now.

How much will a new Spark cost? The price of the new item will be between the cost of Granta and Vesta. It is difficult to predict a more accurate price; it all depends on many factors, including exchange rates, despite the fact that this is a Russian car.

Why Iskra? It turns out that AvtoVAZ patented the name Lada Iskra three years ago.

And shortly before this, a competition was held on the company’s social networks for a new name for future models. Among the conditions, for example, was that the name end with “A”, and also that it evoke an association with Russia.

The long cooperation of the Togliatti automobile plant with the French was not in vain: even after Renault left the Russian market and, it would seem, restrictions were imposed on the use of technology, the future Russian-made car will be built on an imported “trolley”.

Lada Iskra 2024.

And this is not a Chinese platform, but the well-known CMF-B, which gave birth to the third generation of Renault (Dacia) Logan cars and, until 2022, was planned as a replacement for the current B0 base used on AvtoVAZ cars.

The CMF platform was created back in 2013, after which its varieties began to appear, one of which was the CMF-B — a “trolley” for small budget cars. As for the Lada Iskra, according to preliminary data, it will receive a simplified and slightly modernized version called CMF-B-LS.

By the way, the new Vesta was supposed to be designed on the French CMF-B, but due to a breakdown in relations with Renault, the model remained on the previous “trolley” Lada B/C.

Computer model of a station wagon body

Computer images of the new product appeared on the Internet, which showed that the Lada Iskra 2024 will have an exterior reminiscent of Vesta’s appearance.

Lada Iskra 2024.

At least this is indicated by the characteristic stampings on the sides of the body. At the same time, one can also note the unusual coupe-like shape of the car’s roof, showing what the station wagon will look like.

The Iskra family of cars will include not only sedans and station wagons, but also their cross-versions, which will likely have a different body kit and will receive increased ground clearance.

The most important conclusion that can be drawn when studying computer sketches of the Lada Iskra: the new product will not blindly copy the Dacia Logan or any other models built on the CMF-B.

In Togliatti they are developing an original body frame and trying to design the same body parts, while leaving themselves the opportunity to maintain some continuity of the corporate style, which is expressed in the use of X-shaped stampings, as well as the use of the well-known “X-face” on the front of the car.

Since the Lada Iskra 2024 sedans and station wagons will be built on the CMF-B-LS platform, technically they will be able to borrow something from the more status-conscious Lada Vesta.


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