Nissan X-Trail 2021.

Nissan X-Trail 2021

Nissan X-Trail 2021.

The global update of the Nissan X-Trail has been gone for about 7 years. Once a couple of years, the Japanese offered various markets a small restyling, but as such the car has not changed since 2013.

At the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, the manufacturer will finally launch a new generation of its popular crossover, where they promise not only to completely redesign the interior and body (as evidenced by the assignment of T33 number), but also to add a new engine, on-board equipment, hybrid configurations and work with platform.

It is immediately worth noting that there has not yet been an official presentation. At the moment, the novelty now and then falls into the lenses of the paparazzi during the tests.
Also recently, the Brazilian branch of the brand registered a patent for a new body. Actually, the rest of the information is just a bit of insider information and conclusions based on the photos provided.

Nissan X-Trail 2021


The transition from the second generation to the third (now the fourth is expected) was marked by the change of the Nissan branded trolley “C” to the previously popular modular “CMF”. What will happen this time has not been disclosed.

According to experts, changing the platform, even to the same notorious “MQB”, simply does not make sense. Plus, the concern’s economic affairs are not going through the best of times (in fact, most have this picture), so the Japanese will definitely not take such a step.
Moreover, if the local engineers swipe at the creation of hybrid trim levels, the CMF is no worse for this than the VW version.

Based on these findings, we can confidently say that the new Nissan X-Trail will receive a standard suspension layout of two MacPhersons and multi-linkages (the settings will be different in any case due to changes in weight, dimensions and body balancing).

Nissan X-Trail 2021

The drive, as before, will be front or full.
Here it is worth recalling that front-wheel drive variations were offered with a semi-independent torsion beam.
Also, looking at the passport of the last restyling of the third generation, it can be noted that the proprietary All Mode technology will most likely be used as all-wheel drive, the essence of which is to turn on all-wheel drive only in case of rear wheel slippage.

Finishing the topic with the trolley, it remains to mention that we should expect a regular installation of ventilated brake discs on each wheel, ABS, electric power steering and ESP.

As for the motor range, the situation is foggy. Unfortunately, no one has managed to look under the hood yet. Nevertheless, it is not worth doubting that Nissan will put a new engine in the X-Trail. In addition, this was already mentioned at the conference of the concern.
But lovers of the brand can only hope that the new “heart” will be more powerful than the base 1.6- (130 hp) and 2.0- (144 hp) liter units, which could hardly cope with a heavy crossover (1675 kg).

Nissan X-Trail 2021


Regarding the new body, there are no official images without camouflage. But enthusiasts managed to present the car “in color” based on existing photos and a patent.

At first glance, only the front part was turned. But no, it’s worth recalling the patent mentioned above, when models undergo normal restyling, this approach is not practiced, but here, if you look closely, you will notice a completely new profile, a significantly raised hood, a new slope angle of the roof, ribs, enlarged wheel arches and a completely redesigned design front part.

The latter has not lost its signature touch in the form of a V-shaped chrome molding.
Regarding the exact dimensions of the Nissan X-Trail T33 so far nothing to say. The only thing, as stated by those who saw the car live, the crossover has become larger. This can be seen in the increased wheelbase, wheel diameter and powerful front end.

Nissan X-Trail 2021


But enthusiasts weren’t enough for the salon, and on the network you can find only camouflage photos merged by insiders. But already by the fact that there are several key conclusions.

For example, the central tunnel rose slightly. You can also see the puck on it, but for what it will be responsible is not yet clear. In addition, it has become noticeably wider, which can speak of an increase in the width of the body.
The dashboard received a virtual screen of at least 12 inches. Approximately the same diagonal is observed in the multimedia touchscreen. Below it is a small block of physical buttons.

Regarding the options for seats and finishing materials, nothing has been considered so far, so the final version can be seen already at the presentation.

Nissan X-Trail 2021

Price and sales start date

Sales promise to start first in the South American market. Brazil will become the first market in the second half of 2020.
By the end of autumn, the crossover seems to be starting to be sold in the United States. The rest of the markets will begin to receive the X-Trail only in 2021.

The price tag has not yet been announced. According to some statements, it is clear that the cost of the basic configuration will increase slightly. In particular, pricing may be affected by the fact that for Russia the crossover will not be assembled at local Nissan facilities.

The cost of the pre-reform model (restyling of 2018) in the domestic market is from 1.57 to 2.15 million rubles.

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