Polestar Synergy 2024.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

The Swedes showed a conceptual electric supercar Polestar Synergy in Munich.

The Swedes from Polestar brought the Synergy electric supercar to the Munich 2023 motor show. The new product was shown to the local public in the form of a full-size mockup.

The supercar was invented by the winners of the Polestar Design Contest, who were tasked with embodying the features of the Polestar brand in a completely new car.

According to the developers, the concept of the car is supposedly based on the idea of “emotional longevity.”

One way or another, the car looks most impressive from the side, attracting attention with its small height (only 1.07 meters).

The silhouette and proportions of the supercar were inspired by hammerhead sharks.

It has a single-seater salon and is very advanced. For example, the electronics installed here are capable of monitoring the driver’s heart rate.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

As planned, the car’s systems can also be upgraded (like a personal computer).

Plus, the developers note that they used special materials to create the car, which become even better in appearance as it ages.

Judging by the renderings, the Polestar Synergy is driven by a power plant of four electric motors (one on each wheel). “On paper,” the car is capable of withstanding overloads of up to 3.5 g.

If the developers had lateral acceleration in mind, then their stated figure corresponds to the Volkswagen ID.R’s performance recorded during its record-breaking run at the Nürburgring.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

It is known that after the Munich Motor Show, the Polestar Synergy supercar will also take part in the American motor show Hot Wheels Legends Tour.

Plus, in the future, the Swedes plan to demonstrate it in the brand’s branded locations throughout the country. But the unusual car is unlikely to be put into production, so it will remain a model.

Swedish Polestar showed the electric supercar Synergy. It was designed by the winners of the Polestar Design Contest, whose task was to translate the key characteristics of the Polestar brand into a car like no other.

Synergy is equipped with four electric motors and can monitor the driver’s heart rate. The supercar exists in the form of a full-size mockup and is unlikely to ever become serial.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

Polestar brought a full-size model of the Synergy supercar to the Munich Motor Show.

Created by the Polestar Design team and the three winners of last year’s Polestar Design Contest, it represents a rather bold vision for the future of the brand.

The concept is based on the idea of “emotional longevity.” As planned, Synergy can be upgraded like a computer. And the materials used in it will look even better when they age.

Stunning silhouette and proportions (the Synergy is just 1.07m high), inspired by hammerhead sharks, are combined with a single-seat cabin.

Judging by the renderings, the electric car has four motors — one on each wheel, and it can withstand overloads of up to 3.5 g.

Polestar Synergy 2024.

When it comes to lateral acceleration, this is the performance of the Volkswagen ID.R during its record-breaking run at the Nürburgring.

Polestar does not provide any drive power or other details of the power plant. With a high probability, Synergy will remain a speculative project, and things will not go beyond a prototype.

Moreover, after Munich the model will go to the USA. There he will join the participants of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, and later will appear at the brand’s signature locations across the country.

By the way, the next Polestar Design Contest will be held in partnership with Hot Wheels.


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