Tesla Roadster 2020.

Tesla Roadster 2020.

Tesla Roadster — electric vehicle. Presented by the American concern. According to the developers, the unique hypercar will become the flagship in the automotive market after the official release.

The 2020 Tesla Roadster will differ from standard electric vehicles not only in appearance. But also technical specifications.


One of the main updates of the new electric car from Tesla has become an exclusive design. Significantly distinguished from its predecessors. New car is a sports car. It has all the characteristic features of this type:

1. The front part is quite massive. Made in a restrained style. V-shaped hood protrudes. The cheekbones of the arches are characterized by characteristic lures. Lights have a triangular shape. Give the appearance of the car aggressiveness. The lower splitter and grille combined. This feature is associated with the structure of the engine. The engine is equipped with a new cooling system.

2. The main difference between the side parts of the car is the presence of curved panels. They flow to the top of the body. The design of the rear pillars borrowed from liftback. Smoothly go to the back of the car, giving it a more sporty look.

3. The back of the car is highlighted wings with curvaceous. When developing the stern, a combination of several solutions was used at once. By means of which the correct distribution of air streams at high speed is provided.

4. The roof is equipped with a glass case that provides access to the trunk. It is partially removable, since only the middle section is retracted. Due to this, the weight of the car has decreased.

The appearance of the two-door roadster is fully consistent with the sporty style. Aggressive aerodynamic design looks pretty fresh. It stands out even against the background of modern hypercars.


Salon Tesla Roadster is made in digital style. The main interior updates are:

rectangular steering wheel instead of the traditional steering wheel;

lack of a classic dashboard;

removal of information about speed, battery charge and other data on the projection screen;

display of multimedia system with touch controls, located on the center console;

panel displayed on the windshield (for more expensive equipment).

For the design of the interior used a concise design, similar to the appearance of the car. Every detail is ergonomic and strict, but with smooth lines. The front seats are made in a sporty style and are at the same level of comfort with the best hypercars. For the manufacture of chairs used carbon, thanks to which we managed to create a shape that perfectly matches the proportions of the body. In addition, the seats have a developed lateral support, which increases comfort while driving.

Rear seats have lower quality. This feature is due to the fact that regular transportation of passengers is not provided, and the free space is created for the transportation of baggage.

Interior trim is carried out using high quality materials: leather, aluminum decor parts, plastic.


The Tesla Roadster 2020, whose characteristics differ even from their predecessors, has three electric motors at once. The first is mounted on the front axle, and two more — on the rear wheels. This provides an effective all-wheel drive. The total torque of the motors reaches 10 thousand Nm. Information about engine power is not yet available.

Another feature of the electric vehicle is the system of address distribution of torque, which can easily change the ratio of the transmission coefficient to any value during movement. Due to this, the car does not enter even on sharp turns.

It takes 1.9 seconds to accelerate the car to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. In comparison with other electric cars, this figure is a record. This feature was made possible by getting the auto torque from the start. At the same time, there is no clutch on the car, and the number of speeds is reduced to two: the first is for acceleration, the second is for driving control.

The battery capacity is 250 kWh. One charge is enough for 997 kilometers. It takes 3.5 hours to fully restore the battery from the mains. The maximum speed of the car will reach more than 400 kilometers per hour. To ensure wear resistance under such loads, heavy-duty carbon and aluminum are used to manufacture the body of the electric vehicle.

Basic equipment is equipped with the following systems:

climate and cruise control;

air conditioning and ventilation;


modern audio system;

video surveillance;

control of fuel and pressure in the wheels.

On the more expensive version it is planned to install a navigation system with satellite support.

Cost of.

The start of sales of Tesla Roadster is scheduled for the end of 2019 — the beginning of 2020. The cost of the car will be 200 thousand dollars. At the same time there is the possibility of pre-order in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. Tesla Roadster 2020, the price of which in the Russian market will be 11 million rubles, will be delivered in two trim levels: basic and sports.

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