Fiat Cronos 2023.

Fiat Cronos 2023.

Fiat Cronos 2023.

The budget Fiat Cronos 2023, which is much more popular than the Renault Logan, has been updated: not only the decor.

The appearance of the compact four-door has been corrected. The range of motors was cut down, but the sedan received a new gearbox.

The Fiat Cronos model with a length of 4364 mm entered the market in 2018, it is a four-door variant of the Fiat Argo hatch, which debuted a year earlier.

Both cars are designed for South America, and they are produced at different sites: the sedan is produced in Argentina, and the «five-door» is assembled in neighboring Brazil.

The time has come for the planned restyling, although it turned out to be modest. It was decided to start with the Kronos, and so far it is presented only on the production plant.

By the way, the «four-door» leads the rating of the most popular new cars on the Argentine market: in 2021 Fiat Cronos has sold 37,435 copies.

Fiat Cronos 2023.

A Brazilian-made hatchback is not in demand there — 1248 units. In Brazil, everything is on the contrary:

The Argo had 84 644 owners last year (the third place in the general list, the second is Hyundai HB20, and the leader is a pickup truck Fiat Strada). The sedan had 27 887 units (23rd place).

Fiat Cronos 2023.

Well and let’s give for comparison the sales statistics of competitors of the Kronos from Volkswagen and Renault.

Thus, last year in Argentina sold 1,876 VW Virtus sedans and 4,576 Renault Logan cars, in Brazil — 20,563 and 9,478 units, respectively.

So, the Cronus has retouched the radiator grille: it now has two chrome stripes, which almost adjoin the headlights.

Fiat Cronos 2023.

The sedan also got new design rims (15- or 16-inch), plus Strato Grey color scheme.

Models retained the «stylish» package S-Design, with it the «four-door» has black lines on the grille, a small spoiler on the trunk lid and exterior decor in copper color.

Fiat Cronos 2023.

Officially, the Fiat Cronos will be unveiled next year and sales will start in Argentina and Brazil.

This model is extremely important for Fiat: its sales in emerging markets «sagged» due to the fact that the company did not particularly care about updating the lineup.

Therefore, with the Kronos, the Italians want to radically change the situation and return the brand to its previous positions.

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