Ford Focus 2021.

Ford Focus 2021.

Ford Focus 2021.

Ford Focus 2021: an inexpensive and comfortable hatchback.

In the near future, on the roads of many countries of the world, with the exception of ours, unfortunately, there will be an updated Ford Focus 2021 in a hatchback body.

It is this body that is the most popular in the world, so the restyling was presented for it first.

The new model has an even more aggressive look that appeals to both young and experienced drivers.

The latter will also appreciate the good characteristics of the novelty, the well-equipped and finished interior, the reliability and practicality of the hatchback.


With each update, more and more attention is paid to the design of the car. The new body is now the pinnacle of Ford’s design concept for this budget car.

In the photo you can see a rather stylish hatchback, which includes countless both stepped and wave-like transitions in height, converted optics, a different form of air intake systems, as well as other decorations.

The most striking design here is the front end of the body. She did not get very large dimensions, and so that the visibility of any person behind the wheel was always at a good level, the muzzle was also placed at an angle.

Ford Focus 2021.

Good visibility is also ensured thanks to the rounding, which starts already in the middle. You can also find a lot of decor here.

It all starts with a large bonnet, where you can see a variety of protrusions that take the form of stripes and run along the bonnet.

Further, the body will be decorated with triangular headlights, which, both in the basic configuration and in the maximum, will receive a filling of xenon lights.

The very center of the bumper is reserved for Ford’s proprietary air intake system, which takes a polygonal shape. It is adorned with a thin chrome perimeter, and also includes a bunch of very thin lines, also painted in chrome and placed horizontally.

The air intake mesh is formed from the latter. A license plate is attached at the very bottom of the grille.

Ford Focus 2021.

There are a lot of decorations on the body kit. On the sides, it boasts the presence of interestingly shaped recesses, which will be filled with fog lamps and decorative plastic inserts.

In the center of the body kit there is an almost trapezoidal air intake, and the rest of the body will receive various types of transitions in height.

The hatchback looks solid on the sides. The upper part of the profile contains very large windows, which are combined into an interesting shape, framed by a thin chrome line.

They will be divided into parts of the window with the help of narrow pseudo-pillars of the body, made in black gloss.

The neat triangular rear-view mirrors look solid here and are always equipped with repeaters of turn signals.

Ford Focus 2021.

On the main part of the profile, you can see a lot of relief, both stepped and wavy. It is especially evident from below. There are also inflated arches, under which wheels with disks of an interesting shape are located.

The car looks very aggressive from the back too. As befits a hatchback, it is located here slightly tilted. The design of the car begins here with a visor that includes stop lights.

Next, you can observe a large luggage compartment window, and behind it — the main part of the tailgate. The latter includes such elements as interestingly shaped marker signals, chrome-painted nameplates, as well as many different types of height transitions.

Quite a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit. It boasts a small overhang as well as dents on the sides for fog optics, undulating relief, a plastic diffuser and a single pipe of the exhaust system.


For its value, the new Ford Focus 2021 model year has a fairly good interior. The interior of the car will be finished with high-quality fabrics and plastic, and some elements will be able to boast of finishing made of metal or artificial leather.

The multimedia component has also improved, thanks to which passengers will feel even more comfortable, and the driver will be able to relax on long journeys. More comfortable seats also contribute to this.

Ford Focus 2021.

A lot of interesting things are located on the dashboard of the car. There is a large touchscreen monitor, massive deflectors, as well as several panels with analog buttons and washers that are responsible for setting up various functionality.

At the very end of the dashboard, where the connection to the tunnel is located, there is a small compartment for storing things, as well as sockets for accessories.

The tunnel itself includes only cup holders, a small gear knob, and a storage compartment hidden under the armrest cover.

There are five seats here. They will be finished with either fabrics or artificial leather. They will also receive a heating system, adjustments using mechanical or electrical drives, side support, head restraints and other useful options.


The car has always been famous for its wide engine range. The 2021 Ford Focus is no exception.

From gasoline engines, you can choose a liter version for 85, 100 and 125 horsepower, or one and a half liter, the return of which is at around 150 or 182 horses.

The same engine, but already on a diesel engine, is capable of delivering 95 or 120 power forces. Also, the diesel range includes a two-liter engine that produces 150 horsepower.

The choice of transmissions is much more modest — an automatic for eight gears or a mechanic for six. As the test drive shows, the car is perfect for driving both in the city and over long distances.

Options and prices

At the moment, the price of the updated hatchback has not yet been announced.

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