Mazda CX-50 2022.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

Not like everyone else: what surprises to expect from the Mazda CX-50. What is known about the Mazda CX-50 today?

Mazda is preparing another supercrossover — the CX-50. Mazda’s most successful crossover, the CX-5, may give way to a new model in its segment.

This is evidenced by the fact that the company has filed a patent application for the registration of the trademark «CX-50». It is expected to be a rear-wheel-drive supercrossover with an updated engine range.

New configuration

The current generation CX-5 model has been proving its relevance in the market since 2017, but the manufacturer intends to make major changes to it.

Its place can be taken by the CX-50 with a new rear-wheel drive platform and a longitudinal engine layout.
Probably, these will be power units of the Sky-Activ line.

We can talk about a six-cylinder 3.3-liter Sky-Activ-D engine, as well as a 3-liter SkyActiv-X with a hybrid voltage system of 48 volts.

A level below will be the four-cylinder version of the Skyactiv-G 2.5 liters with a mild hybrid system with a capacity of 187 liters. from. and a turbocharged version with a power potential of 226 liters. from. A 2.2L diesel engine may appear, but this offer will be limited in the markets.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

External appearance

Significant changes will occur in the exterior of the crossover. The Mazda CX-50 promises to adopt more stylish lines in the spirit of a coupe with a lowered roofline.

New LED optics will appear, and the front will be sharpened. In general, the design should continue the signature design philosophy of Soul of Motion.

At the same time, it’s too early to talk about a complete rejection of the CX-5. For example, the compact SUV CX-30 appeared only as an alternative between the CX-3 and CX-5, but it did not supplant its donor.

Taking into account the trend of the general fragmentation of the segment, it is possible that Mazda will try to maintain a wide range of crossovers of different types, and in this sense, the continuation of the CX-5 production is justified.

Another thing is that if the current generation of the model is preserved, the manufacturer will still have to restyle it, regardless of the presence of the CX-50 in the family with its new design and technical architecture.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

What is known about the Mazda CX-50 today?

Alas, not much. The Japanese are stubbornly silent. Scant gossip from «sources close to production» and photos «from under the counter» wander from forum to forum, stirring up the curiosity of fellow citizens who are bored in quarantine.

One thing is clear: we have a long time to wait for the premiere. First, the rear-wheel drive «six» will come off the assembly line. This will probably happen in 2022. And only after the sedan, a crossover, the Mazda CX-50, will be presented to the fastidious public.

However, the forecasts are rather optimistic. The magic phrase «Made in Japan» alone sets you in a positive mood. Yes, the crossover will be assembled in the land of the rising sun, and not somewhere beyond the Urals.

In addition, leaked spy information about the Mazda CX-50 attributes the new brainchild of the Japanese car industry to other outstanding qualities:

The car will clearly stand out in the stream with its dimensions, moving from small to large architecture. It replaces its predecessor, the legendary CX-5, and will delight drivers who value size with an impressive look.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

Experts believe that the crossover will be much larger than the usual «five». The body length is expected to exceed the standard 4.55 meters.

The basic equipment of the car will be rear-wheel drive. But for an additional fee, you can become the owner of an iron horse with full speed connected at will.

What about the design?

Red or white — these are the Mazdas most often bought by the clients of dealerships until now. However, the visual preferences of car owners during the pandemic may have changed.

The Japanese manufacturer will have to guess the color of the post-quarantine mood of its fans. However, there shouldn’t be any special problems with the palette.

The concern is in constant search of exclusive shades — from the restrained classic gray-pearl to the recognizable predatory reds and blues, emphasizing the «muscularity» of the external outlines.

In addition, manufacturers are already successfully applying multilayer painting technology, which guarantees the wear resistance of the coating. We hope that this branded life hack, which saves the exterior of the car from mechanical damage, will be applied to the mysterious newcomer to the lineup.

Body styling is likely to be revised by designers. The image of an urban predator with powerful bumpers and recognizable expressive headlights with a slight «squint» will become a thing of the past.

Restraint, laconic lines will not only turn a four-wheeled city bully into a «thoroughbred» gentleman, but also significantly improve aerodynamics.

Mazda CX-50 2022.

Should we empty the garage for a miracle car?

Isn’t this new car a fake, for which you can’t even arrange a test drive? No, its serial production is really just around the corner: the name «CX-50» has already been registered.

Do you need this city handsome man?

Whether domestic fans of foreign cars will massively change over to the mysterious crossover is also difficult to say.

In the context of a limited family budget and tightening requirements for issuing loans from banks, Russians are very cautious when making large purchases.

The fate of Mazda in the Russian market will largely depend on the price tag, which is still unknown. However, evil tongues predict a rise in the cost of the crossover, focusing on the scale of investments in the «reset» of the model line and the constant increase in the level of comfort and safety.

If the company radically changes its image and begins to develop a niche in the premium segment, for most of our drivers, the Mazda CX-50 will simply not be affordable.

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