BMW iX3 2022.

BMW iX3 2022.

BMW iX3 2022.

BMW iX3 2022: the electric version of the crossover parkett.

Chinese automobile industry intends to deploy a wide production of electric version of Bavarian gasoline-powered crossover X3 series, which will appear on the European market under the name BMW iX3.

The electric version of the new model differs from its predecessor with slightly modified dimensions, updated body design and interior.

The popular brand’s model has advanced technical, technological and electronic equipment, comfortable seating for its price level, and modern characteristics of the electric drive and chassis.

The crossover has no age preferences. The automobile enthusiasts of different generations are offered a comfortable, comfortable and low-cost vehicle with a harmonious ratio of everyday practicality and functionality.


The BMW iX3 of 2022 looks stylish and highly presentable on the photo in the most striking and expressive frontal perspective.

A positive perception of the electric crossover is formed by the combination of the characteristic brand style with modern design and layout solutions.

BMW iX3 2022.

In sight:

A set of aerodynamic profiles of the sloped hood;

exclusive running light pattern of the front LED headlights;

authentic imitation of the branded front trim panel;

the rounded sides of the protruding bumper and the vertical layout of the brake system air diffusers.

The X-shaped configuration of the lower air duct with textured mesh and the protective metal panel of the front off-road bodywork are designed with elements of sporty style.

Also elegant and prestigious is the new BMW iX3 2022 electric car body in profile projection.

It features:

The sloping roof line decorated with decorative rails;

black gloss trim on the side windows;

semi-oval modern mirrors and relief texture of the sides.

Off-road potential of the crossover is designated by high ground clearance and full set of plastic overhangs. The design features rounded corners of the square wheel arches.

Restyling of the rear side of the body is marked by improved graphics and additional functionality of the lights.

The stepped profile of the spoiler, half-oval window configuration and design of the luggage door remained unchanged. The body kit includes fog lights and a protective panel.

BMW iX3 2022.


Five-seater interior of the new electric car in the crossover body attracts attention with the premium quality of materials of the finishing range, informative virtual instrument panel and built into the upper tier of the central console 12-inch media-command tablet.

The torpedo design also includes a block of performance-adjustable ventilation deflectors, as well as a console with activators of functional and comfort-forming onboard equipment.

The futuristic style dominates the design of the central tunnel. Already in its basic version, the BMW iX3 2022 offers special functions of standard and optional organizers, including a comfort armrest and a cold storage compartment.

According to the experts, the composition and potential of the technical and electronic equipment meets the recommendations of the European kit standards.

You can supplement the list of on-board equipment with more advanced options from a special paid range.

The offers include projection display, high-precision parking sensors and additional functions of electronic assistants.

The seating and road service of the pilot seats is typical for cars in the premium segment. In addition to heating and ventilation, the seats will receive several additional adjustments, and in the top modification, three-mode vibromassage is not excluded.

BMW iX3 2022.

The central seat of the rear three-seat sofa transforms into a folding armrest, and partial removal of the back allows you to triple the already impressive 510-liter trunk space with a built-in niche for spare parts and tools.

Technical features

External dimensions of the electric crossover in the ratio of 4734 x 1891 and 1668 mm are slightly increased at the expense of protruding overhangs.

The undercarriage with a base of 2864 mm is rear-wheel drive, with a very comfortable lever-spring suspension, a full range of high-performance disc brakes and a set of safety systems.

The engine output in horsepower equivalent is 286 hp, with a peak pull of 400 N-m. Energy capacity of 80 kWh of modular battery is enough to run the car weighing more than 2 tons without intermediate charging 460 km.

The test drive confirmed the 6.6 seconds acceleration at first 60 mph mentioned in the technical description and a top speed of up to 180 km/h.

BMW iX3 2022.

The charging time in standard mode is 7 hours and 30 minutes. In the boost variant the battery capacity is restored to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Stability of novelty at high speeds provides a low center of gravity, as well as the effective work of the chassis with five driving modes and adjustable stiffness of adaptive shock absorbers.

Options and prices

In domestic central and regional car dealerships, the new BMW iX3 2022 model year will be available in a non-alternative version costing about 8 million rubles. The price of the novelty in Germany, depending on the configuration, varies from 77 to 99 thousand euros.

Start of sales in Russia

Electric cars of various profiles are in more than limited demand on the domestic market. Perhaps this is the main reason why the release date in Russia has been moved from the mid-autumn of 2021 to a later date.

Competing models

Many global brands partially specialize in the development of electric cars. For this hour, the same class models of Mercedes EQA, Volkswagen ID.3, Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron act as competitors.

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